In the Year 2018, Superhouse starts to build a new factory to meet the annual increase in windows&doors orders.
Superhouse people are inspired by this moment and look forward to the future. The impact of the Superhouse’s brand in the domestic and foreign markets is growing.


After 14 months of construction, our company’s factory was successfully completed and put into service. We have arranged all the doors and windows of the production lines, officially put into production, everything is going smoothly. From August 2019, all of our foreign customers’orders for aluminum doors and windows began to be made from the new factory. Such a large factory, so that we can more guarantee the quality and delivery of large project orders.

Superhouse is a leading manufacturer in China with 20,000 Square meters big factory and 3 production lines. We focus on 100% exporting and sells aluminum doors windows to more than 50 countries around the world. More than 1000+ containers are exported from Superhouse to the world every year.

Today, Australian Windows Association (AWA) Certified Staff come to our factory for certification, we warmly welcome and cooperate with them to successfully complete the factory certification. We are proud to be the member of AGWA for more than 10 years.